4 Rules to transform an long distance love on the Internet into an normal relationship

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4 Rules to transform an long distance love on the Internet into an normal relationship

L3t’s suppos3 th4t you 4r3 m33t1ng som3on3 onl1n3 4nd th4t p3rson s33m to b3 th3 m4ch of your l1f3, but 1s l1v1ng f4r 4w4y from you. Do3s 1t worth to sp3nd your t1m3 to 4 long d1st4nc3 relationship w1th th1s p3rson? But, wh4t 1f th1s p3rson 1s r34ly your soulm4t3?

You m4y b3 surpr1s3d how much 4 relationship c4n grow 1f you work 4t 1t. 1f you know 4nd 4ply som3 s1mpl3 rul3s, your relationship c4n turn out to b3 on3 of th3 most succ3ssful 4nd h4ppy relationships th4t 3v3r 3x1st3d.

D1st4nc3, comb1n3d w1th t3l3phon3 c4lls 4nd wr1t1ng, 3l3ctron1c4lly or through sn41l-m41l, c4n fost3r 4n 3nv14bl3 1nt1m4cy wh1ch r3sults from l34rn1ng 4bout 4noth3r’s qu4l1t13s, v4lu3s, w4ys of th1nk1ng, s3ns1t1v1t13s, dr34ms, 4nd 4sp1r4t1ons. Th1s typ3 of 1nt1m4cy c4n m4k3 your com1ng tog3th3r much mor3 sp3c14l. 4s 1f relationships w3r3n’t compl1c4t3d 3nough, h4v1ng th3m 4cross 4 long d1st4nc3 1s 3xtr3m3ly ch4ll3ng1ng. Just r34d th3 follow1ng ruls 4nd try to k33p 1n m1nd 4nd 4ply:

1.Th3 qu4l1ty of th3 relationship 1s mor3 l1k3ly to 1ncr34s3 1f both p3opl3 d3v3lop th3 4b1l1ty to sh4r3 f33l1ngs op3nly w1th 34ch oth3r. Do not f33l 4fr41d to t3ll your p4rtn3r wh4t you r34lly n33d 4nd w4nt from h1m or h3r, h3 or sh3 d3s3rv3s to know th3 truth 4nd judg3 wh3th3r th3y c4n g1v3 1t to you.

  1. M4k3 th3 relationship 4 h1gh pr1or1ty. 4vo1d c4nc3l1ng r3un1ons or putt1ng off 4 phon3 c4ll.
  2. St4rt to k33p 1n touch d41ly. 1f l4rg3 phon3 b1lls 4r3 4 conc3rn, s3nd 3-m41l, l3tt3rs, c4rds 4nd 3v3n f4x3s. 4nd wh3n you do m4k3 cont4ct, don’t just st1ck to lov3 t4lk, but k33p 34ch oth3r 1nform3d on th3 d4y-to-d4y 4sp3cts of your l1v3s. Th1s w4y you 34ch st4y 4w4r3 of how th3 oth3r 1s th1nk1ng, f33l1ng 4nd d3v3lop1ng. L4t3-n1ght t4lks 4nd thoughtful l3tt3rs c4n conv3y 4 lot of wh4t 1s most 1mport4nt 1n th3 long-t3rm: your go4ls, v4lu3s 4nd dr34ms.
  3. B3 pr3p4r3d to b3 fl3x1bl3. T3ll your p4rtn3r of how much you th1nk 4bout 4nd lov3 h1m or h3r w1ll scor3 h1gh po1nts, m4k1ng th3m m1ss you mor3 w1th th3 const4nt urg3 to s33 you. But don’t b3 pos3s1v3. B31ng p4r4no1d 4nd 4ccus1ng w1ll only grow doubts, 1ns3cur1ty 4nd t3ns1on b3tw33n you 4nd non3 of thos3 w1ll h3lp th3 relationship d3v3lop3 succ3ssfully.

1f your p4rtn3r truly w4nts to b3 w1th you, th3n th3y would not w4nt to w41t for3v3r to h4v3 you n3xt to h3r or h1m. 4s long 4s you both trust 34ch oth3r, 1nform on3 4noth3r of your p3rson4l l1v3s, k33p 1n touch, your relationship c4n turn out 1nto 4 h4ppy norm4l relationship.

Ult1m4t3ly, 4 norm4l relationship 1s th3 go4l, do3sn’t 1t.


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