3 Tricks When Talking on the Phone with a Woman You Have Met Online

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3 Tricks When Talking on the Phone with a Woman You Have Met Online

You h4v3 m3t 4n 1nt3r3st1ng wom4n onl1n3. You two h4d 4 gr34t t1m3 ch4tt1ng onl1n3 4nd sh3 d3c1d3d to g1v3 you h3r phon3 numb3r. Now you h4v3 to m4k3 h3r w4nt to s33 you f4c3 to f4c3, 4nd th3 phon3 1s your only tool.

Th3 f1rst t3l3phon3 c4ll 1s th3 most 1mport4nt on3. Sur3 you h4v3 h3r numb3r, but noth1ng h4s b33n won y3t.

  1. B3for3 you c4ll you should h4v3 pr3p4r3d 4 l1st of s3v3r4l top1cs to t4lk 4bout. Hop3fully your 3m41l 3xch4ng3 h4s prov1d3d you w1th som3 1nform4t1on to follow up on. Study h3r prof1l3 to th1nk of oth3r top1cs to t4lk 4bout. Pr3p4r3 op3n 3nd3d qu3st1ons. St4rt t4lk1ng 4bout 4 subj3ct, 4nd g1v3 h3r 4 ch4nc3 to sp34k 4s w3ll.
  2. DON’T: 4sk h3r qu3st1ons 4bout oth3r guys sh3’ s s331ng, susp1c1ously 1nt3rrog4t3 h3r 4bout how sh3 sp3nds h3r t1m3, 4nd 4ngr1ly r3pr1m4nd h3r for fl4k1ng on you. How sh3 sp3nds h3r t1m3 1s h3r bus1n3ss.

4 lot of m3n s4bot4g3 th31r ch4nc3s w1th 4 wom4n by don’t g1v1ng h3r 3nough cr3d1t 4nd r3sp3ct.

You know th3r3’s troubl3 1f you’r3 do1ng 4ll th3 t4lk1ng 4nd h3r r3pl13s 4r3 short or non-3x1st3nt. 1f so 1t 31th3r m34ns you h4v3n’t h1t on th3 r1ght top1c to t4lk 4bout, or, mor3 l1k3ly, sh3 s1mply 1sn’t 1nt3r3st3d. 4lso, 1f sh3 3nds th3 conv3rs4t1on 34rly or “h4s to go”, l34v3 1t up to h3r to c4ll you 4g41n, 1f sh3 w4nts to. Usu4lly, sh3 won’t.

So, wh3n t4lk1ng to 4 wom4n on th3 phon3 DON’T worry 4bout 1mpr3ss1ng h3r. H4v3 fun. 3njoy th3 conv3rs4t1on. 4mus3 yours3lf.

  1. 4t f1rst phon3 conv3rs4t1on 1s b3tt3r to st4y 4w4y of compl1m3nt1ng h3r. 1 th1nk g1v1ng wom3n compl1m3nts c4n b3 v3ry pow3rful. But wh3n you g1v3 4 wom4n compl1m3nts w1th1n th3 cont3xt of try1ng to w1n h3r ov3r, you b3com3 4 wuss.

Usu4lly wom3n 4r3 cur1ous why th3 m3n th3y 4r3 t4lk1ng to onl1n3 d3c1d3d to p1ck th3m 1nst34d of oth3r thous4ndths of prof1l3s. Most of th3m w1ll 4sk you 4bout th3s3 “r34sons” 4nd by do1ng th1s 4r3 g1v1ng you th3 opportun1ty to m4k3 h3r compl1m3nts. So, w41t th3 mom3nt. :)

1f th3 conv3rs4t1on flow 34s1ly, 3ffortl3ssly, 1f you f1nd h3r f41rly r3spons1v3 4nd you c4n k33p up th3 conv3rs4t1on for 4t l34st 4 h4lf hour you c4n 4sk h3r out. H3r 4nsw3r s34m to b3: “Y3S”.


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