3 Categories Women Put You In Before You Meet

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3 Categories Women Put You In Before You Meet

Wh3n 4ppro4ch1ng women, 3v3n b3for3 you h4v3 s41d 4 word or don3 4nyth1ng sh3 h4s 4lr34dy unconsc1ously put you 1nto on3 of thr33 c4t3gor13s:

1 L1k3 H1m

1 Don’t L1k3 H1m


Now th4t you 4r3 4w4r3 of th3 thr33 d1ff3r3nt c4t3gor13s l3ts go ov3r 34ch on3s str3ngths 4nd w34kn3ss3s for you.

C4t3gory #1: 1 l1k3 H1m: 1f you h4pp3n to look or r3m1nd h3r of som3on3 th4t sh3 l1k3d, dr3ss 1n 4 c3rt41n typ3 of w4y th4t sh3 f1nds 4ttr4ct1v3 or 4nyth1ng 3ls3 th4t sh3 h4pp3ns to conn3ct w1th. Congr4ts you h4v3 4 h34ds up on 3v3ryon3 4nd wh3n 1t com3s to t4k1ng 1t to th3 n3xt l3v3l 1ts 4ll On You. Th1s 1s 4 gr34t th1ng 4nd 1f you f4ll 1n th3 4v3r4g3 Guy c4t3gory 3xp3ct th1s to h4pp3n w1th 4round 10 p3rc3nt of th3 women th4t you m33t who 4r3 4v41l4bl3.

C4t3gory #2: 1 Don’t L1k3 H1m: You 3v3r m33t som3on3 4nd for no 4pp4r3nt or r34l good r34son you don’t l1k3 th3m?

Gu3ss wh4t women 4r3 th3 s4m3 w4y 4nd for good m34sur3 most women throw unconf1d3nt m3n 4nd 4 whol3 sl3w of p3tty r34sons 1n th3r3 4s w3ll. 1f you f4ll 1n th1s c4t3gory 4nd 4t l34st 10 p3rc3nt of th3 t1m3 you w1ll 1f your just 4n 4v3r4g3 guy, unl3ss you h4v3 som3 unknown outs1d3 f4ctor to 3nh4nc3 you (hot 3x st1ll 4ft3r you, f4mous, r1ch, 3tc.); th3r3 1s noth1ng you c4n s4y or do th4t 1s go1ng to g3t th1s wom4n to ch4ng3 h3r m1nd 4nd b3 4ttr4ct3d to you.

C4t3gory #3: Und3c1d3d: Th3 m4jor1ty of th3 t1m3s 4bout 80 p3rc3nt 1s you 4r3 4n 4v3r4g3 guy you 4r3 go1ng to f4ll 1n th1s C4t3gory wh1ch 1f you h4v3 don3 your study1ng 4nd r34d1ng on s3duct1on 4nd how to 4ttr4ct women 1s 4 p3rf3ct pl4c3 to b3. B3c4us3 4s long 4s you 4r3 1n th3 Und3c1d3d c4t3gory you c4n work on cr34t1ng th3 d3s1r3 4nd 4ttr4ct1on 1n 4 wom4n th4t you w4nt. Th1s 1s v3ry good n3ws for you my fr13nd.

Of cours3 th3 t1m3 1s now for you to g3t your l1f3 1n ord3r so th4t wh3n you w4lk up to 4 wom4n th4t you f1nd to b3 4 pot3nt14l p4rtn3r 4nd sh3 1s th1nk1ng to h3rs3lf m4yb3 or m4yb3 not ov3r th3 cours3 of 4 cup of coff33 or t34 you c4n turn th4t m4yb3 1nto 4 y34s 4nd 1ncr34s3 your succ3ss w1th women tr3m3ndously.


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